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Pack Bylaws are a list of rules specific to that pack, and describe how a pack will function. There is no specific standard for these bylaws, and should be customized to the specific needs for each pack.

Example Bylaws

The Following Bylaws are an example listed by the Buckskin Council in West Virginia.


Key Pack positions include the following:

Persons to fill these positions will be elected yearly, and can be parents who are not leaders.

The Pack cannot function without the active involvement of every parent. Accordingly, the Pack must ask each parent to volunteer for a committee or adult leader position, participate in organizing monthly Pack meetings, attend Parents and Leaders (PALS) meetings, and assist with special activities.

PALS meetings will be held monthly (with the exception of July), and will include a Treasurer’s report. Parents assisting with the Pack meeting during an assigned month will need to attend the PALS meeting prior to the Pack meeting.

Tiger Cub recruitment will be in May and August.

Recharter of the Pack will be every January, as designated by the District.

Rank Awards (grade to grade) will be each May.

Crossover from the Pack to the Troop will be in February at the Blue and Gold Banquet. Year pins will be received at the Blue and Gold Banquet. Leaders are responsible for getting year pin needs to awards chairperson.

Pack meetings will include a flag ceremony and a den skit/song. Families will be involved with and participate in setup and cleanup. An evaluation sheet for the Pack meeting will handed out at the end of each Pack meeting.

Administrative Guidelines

Use of Pack funds for items other than stated in these by-laws must be discussed and voted on at a PALS meeting. If an immediate response is needed and the issue cannot wait until a PALS meeting, then there shall be at least three other committee members notified of the issue and allowed to discuss and make decisions accordingly. The top committee positions that need to be in on the decision making process are: Chartered Organization Representative, Committee Chairperson, Cub Master, Assistant Cub Master, Treasurer. If one of the people in these positions is the one making the request, he/she must contact three of the others. Two people living in the same household may only count as one voice.

All Den Leaders must complete an Awards request form and turn it into the Awards Chairperson no later than the Wednesday prior to a Pack meeting.

At least one fund-raiser will be held each year. 30% of each Scout’s profits will be tracked and paid towards Summer Camp. If the Scout has earned enough to send a parent to camp also, it will be allowed. This money can be held over year to year. If the Scout leaves the Pack, the money will go back into the Pack general funds. The top three sellers in the Pack as well as the top seller in each Den will be recognized with something special. All participants in the fund-raiser will receive a patch. 10% of fund-raiser will go to the Council, 10% of the fund-raiser will go to the First Christian Church as the Chartered Organization of our Pack.

Camperships (Pack helps pay a boy’s way to camp) will be decided on a case by case basis.

The Pack will run an “experienced” uniform closet with shirts and neckerchiefs to help cut the cost of scouting for new boys. Donations gladly accepted.


Two adults (“2 deep leadership”) will be required for any meeting. If 2 adults are not present, the meeting or activity will not take place. Parents are responsible for checking with the leader to ensure 2 deep leadership is in place before leaving their scout.

Den dues policy will be decided by each den individually.

Permission slips will be required for field trips.


Parent’s expenses will include:

  • Scout uniform
  • Scout book
  • Neckerchief
  • Registration Fees
  • Book for Religious award(s)
  • Boy’s Life Magazine (if wanted)

Pack expenses include:

  • Registration Fee for all Adults
  • Training for all BSA registered adults
  • Awards and pins
  • Awards include all belt loops/activity pins earned while a registered Cub Scout
  • Religious award knot & medallion
  • Prizes/Awards for fund-raiser
  • Food (partial) for campouts/dinners
  • Pinewood Derby (or other race) kits/ trophies/patches/medals
  • Insurance


Example Bylaws from Buckskin Council Website

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