Scouting Anniversary Week

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Scouting Anniversary Week Activities might include Scout Sunday and Scout Sabbath services
as well as Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquets and Boy Scout Courts of Honor (Red & Green Banquets).

The anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America is an excellent opportunity to talk to communities about the contributions the Boy Scouts of America has made to our nation throughout its history. When used as a component of a comprehensive marketing campaign, promotions like Scouting Anniversary Week can provide a foundation on which councils and districts can build awareness, launch financial campaigns, and support membership growth, volunteer recruiting, and fund-raising.

Anniversary Publicity Committee

Planning for an anniversary celebration should be the responsibility of the council's marketing committee. This may be best executed by forming an anniversary subcommittee to plan and schedule events for the council. This group will also work with other council committees and various community organizations and groups that support Scouting to execute the plan. These groups may include local government, businesses, civic clubs, churches, and schools.

Anniversary Publicity Subcommittee/District Committee

Many of the best opportunities for Scouting Anniversary Week publicity can be found at the district and unit levels. This is best accomplished by working through existing district public relations and marketing committees. District public relations committees will have relationships with local media and use those relationships to promote anniversary celebrations, including uniform days, Scout Sabbath or Sunday activities, exhibits, contests, birthday parties, etc.

The district public relations committee or anniversary week subcommittee should consult the council's anniversary celebration plan when implementing plans for the district or unit. The district committee should communicate any positive public relations opportunities to the council's anniversary committee.

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