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Service Stars show how many years of tenure the particpant has in a program.

Service Stars, Backings & Cards
image:SeviceStars.jpg Cub Scout (gold backing)

Boy Scout (green)

Varsity (brown)

Venturing, Sea Scouts
or Exploring (red)

Adult Leader (blue)

Service stars may be worn by all youth and adult members who have at least one year of tenure with the Boy Scouts of America. The stars are worn with the appropriate color background for the phase of Scouting in which the service was rendered. If an individual's primary registration is in one phase of Scouting and later in another, separate stars with the appropriate background and numerals may be worn simultaneously. Or, leaders may combine youth and adult tenure into one or two stars with blue background.

If a medal or embroidered knot is worn, service stars are worn 3/8 inch above the medal or knot.

Insignia Guide

If no medals or embroidered knots are worn, service stars are worn 3/8 inch above the left pocket. Refer to the uniform inspection sheet. A Service Star Pocket Certificate is often presented along with the service star.

Item # Service Star Item Description
00063 Cub Scout Backing - Gold
00064 Leader Backing - Blue
00065 Venturing Backing - Red
00066 Boy Scout Backing - Green
00067 Varsity Backing - Brown
00071 1 Year Pin
00072 2 Year Pin
00073 3 Year Pin
00074 4 Year Pin
00075 5 Year Pin
00076 6 Year Pin
00077 7 Year Pin
Item # Service Star Item Description
00078 8 Year Pin
00079 9 Year Pin
00080 10 Year Pin
00068 20 Year Pin
00069 30 Year Pin
00070 40 Year Pin
00071 50 Year Pin
00072 60 Year Pin
00073 70 Year Pin
01182 75 Year Pin
01183 80 Year Pin
01185 90 Year Pin

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