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Serving as Special Programs and Events Program Manager can apply towards Positions of Responsibility requirements for Star, Life, and Eagle.
Special Programs and Events
Program Manager
Selected by:Captain
Reports to:Captain

The Special Programs and Events Program Manager is a position of responsibility appointed by the Captain who coordinates team attendance to community and Scouting special programs and events for this field of emphasis.

Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart (click to zoom)
Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart (click to zoom)


Position description

The Special Programs and Events Program Manager is an appointed leader who helps team members take advantage of opportunities outside the team's local activities. He seeks outside information on what's available in the local community as well as the Scout district, the council and the national level, and encourages team members to take advantage of them. He works with an adult Special Programs and Events Program Adviser to plan and perform primary leadership for team special programs and events. He usually serves a 6- or 12-month term.

Multiple concurrent program managers for this field

With approval of the Team Coach, the team captain may optionally appoint multiple concurrent special program and events program managers. When this is the case, each program manager will perform primary leadership for his own planned activity.

Reports to


  • Coordinates speical programs and events for the team.
  • Communicates with team members to determine the needs regarding program events.
  • Cooperate with with other program managers to maximize the effectiveness of programs and events.
  • Coordinate with the Order of the Arrow Team Representative on OA activities.
  • Gather and share information about district, council, and national special events.
  • Sets a good example for fellow team members.
  • Enthusiastically and correctly wears the Scout uniform (all four parts).
  • Lives by the Scout Oath and Law.
  • Shows Scout spirit


The special programs and events program manager is responsible for helping team members learn about and attend worthwhile programs that may not be covered by other fields of emphasis. Choose and plan events that aren't part of the same-old routine. Select events that make the team grow or do something new. Options include visiting a community festival, a museum or exhibit, a college tour, attending a lecture or performance, or inviting an expert to talk about a subject or career.

He can involve others beyond the team. Plan an event and invite young women to attend that may be beyond the usual for them too: Take them on a 10-mile hike, go summer ice-block sliding on a grassy hill, play a coed softball game, hold a ballroom dancing lesson and follow-up practice dance, hold a demonstration on auto maintenance (changing a tire, adding fluids, detail cleaning, changing wiper blades, etc.).

Keep watch for community events and happenings with an eye for thinking how the team could volunteer or participate. Read the calendar events from the local Scout office or newsletter. Try an activity the will increase Order of the Arrow membership or participation.

Working with an adult advancement program adviser

The Special Programs and Events Program Adviser is the adult counterpart to the Scout program manager. The program adviser helps and encourages the youth program manger to:

  • Expand the interests of the Varsity Scouts in worthwhile programs not covered by the other fields of emphasis.
  • Develop unity among the team members through participation in these special programs and events.
  • Participate in programs and causes that will lead the team members to stretch and grow beyond themselves.
  • Gather information about other district, council and national events such as Scout camp and camporees, Order of the Arrow activities, and other special events.


The Special Programs and Events Program Manager is a youth special program leader in its unit. Other youth program leaders are:

Program helps

Event and ultimate adventure planning

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