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    Could someone add the date the Merit Badge requirements were last changed. Its nice to know the requirements came out of the 2007 merit badge book but it would also be helpful to know when the requirements were last revised. For those of us that have been doing this for a long time and don't buy a Merit Badge Requirements book every year, it would be nice to know the date the requirements were last revised. This would be a clue we need to revise or standard program.

    Done! Thanks to Swim4lyfe --RWSmith 20:32, August 15, 2007 (EDT)

    I found requirement #2 a bit of an Easter Egg hunt. -- particularly with the link to in the merit badge pamphlet. Therefore, I created an addendum to the worksheet as guide to the boys as to where to find the information for requirement #2. It is in MS Word format.

    The addendum is located here:

    Below is the text version of this addendum.

    Cooking Merit Badge – Food Pyramid – Requirement # 2

    This is an addendum to the Cooking Merit Badge Worksheet. It provides additional details on completing Requirement # 2. Read “Get to Know your Food Groups” (pp 48-57) of your merit badge book.

    2a. On the web, go to:, click on “MyPyramid Plan” (left-hand side), fill in the form, click submit, and print out your “MyPyramid Plan.”

    2b. Explain why you should limit your intake of oils and sugars – see last paragraph in the “Oils, Fats, Sweets Group” sub-section in your merit badge book.

    2c. Right on your “MyPyramid Plan”

    2d-e. From “MyPyramid Plan”, click on “Inside the Pyramid”, clink on “Grains”.

    Now for each food group, click on “What’s in the _____ Group” (Req. 2d) and “What counts as a/an cup/ounce”. Click on next food group and repeat. Print out the results and attach to your worksheet or copy the information onto your worksheet.

    2f. Requirement 2f is not well explained in your book. Key preparation techniques for more healthful and nutritious food are:

    - Avoid deep fat frying, minimize the use of oil

    - Minimize the amount of water you cook vegetables in, consider steaming

    - Cook vegetables with their skins on (like potatoes & carrots)

    - Eat raw fruits and vegetables with their skins on (were it makes sense)

    - Avoid adding lots of fats (butter, cheese, many sauces), sugars (sugar, syrup, honey, catsup, BBQ sauce), and salt to your food

    --Art 14:19, November 26, 2009 (EST)

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