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Are there no better resources for these requirements than wikipedia? *sigh* EagleForumFan

Eagle, help us find more links! We have dozens of merit badges and belt loops with almost no Requirement Resources. We have only really begun in earnest in the past few months. The Wikipedia links are far from great but there are some advantages:
  • Wiki links always work.
  • We don't have to worry about content on the rest of the source site.
  • Wiki article layout is consistent with lots of good resource links.
  • We do ad outside links with solid content and known agendas as we can find them.
For me, the biggest advantage to wiki links is how fast I can find exactly the resource I need and move on. I notice that the site your recommend, IndexCreditCards' phone number, 216-221-0312 is unlisted. What do you know about them?
Eagle, we need at least one great link for every requirement. Any help would be appreciated. — Milominderbinder2 (Sysop) 22:27, October 15, 2008 (EDT)
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