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    Aerial requirements

    I happen to have two scouts working on this merit badge that have completed everything but the aeriel nose-grab move. I hadn't expected that being an issue but it is. When you go to a mountain these days you see almost as many skiers doing aerials as snowboarders. It would seem reasonable to remove the nose-grab requirement for snowboarders so they don't have to risk the injury from an aerial manuever. Has anyone else run into this problem? --Millert 21:26, June 13, 2007 (EDT)

    Talk page formatting and signature tips

    Millert, welcome to the Wiki... just a little helpful formatting information on talk pages for you.

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    Message body --RWSmith 22:29, June 13, 2007 (EDT) (Signature) 
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    I hope somebody can help with your originally question. --RWSmith 22:29, June 13, 2007 (EDT)

    Aerial Requirements

    As an avid skier of over 30 years I agree that aerial requirements should be removed. There is no need to encourage this type of behavior, a scout can have a wonderful time enjoying his snowboard without getting air.

    I am very uncomfortable telling a scout that they must do aerial grabs in order to complete this badge. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Gregmo825 (talkcontribs) March 15, 2008. (Please, sign and date your posts on talk pages.)

    Broken links in resources section and merit badge workbook

    I just went through the snow sports merit badge and found several broken links in the resource section of the wiki page and in the merit badge workbook. I don't seem to have edit privi's and can't fix the links. We need to do some investigation on the links, but most can be figured out w/o too much trouble. How can I help here?

    Cory. 1/23/12 —Preceding unsigned comment added by Cjreche (talkcontribs) January 24, 2012. (Please, sign and date your posts on talk pages.)

    The article page was accidentally "protected" by another sysop a long time ago; I have fixed this problem and you should now be able to edit the page (except, the "Requirements" section). —RWSmith (Bureaucrat), 12:13, January 25, 2012 (EST)
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