Team Committee Chairman

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Team Committee Chairman

The Team Committee Chairman is appointed by the chartered organization and registered as an adult leader of the BSA. The team committee chairman appoints and supervises the team committee and team leaders.


  • Organize the committee to see that all functions are delegated, coordinated and completed.
  • Maintain a close relationship with the chartered organization representative and the Team Coach.
  • See that unit leaders and committee members have training opportunities.
  • Interpret national and local policies to the unit.
  • Work closely with the coach in preparing Team Committee meeting agendas.
  • Call, preside over, and promote attendance at monthly unit committee meetings and any special meetings that may be called.
  • Ensure unit representation at monthly Varsity Huddles (roundtables).
  • Secure top-notch, trained consultants for Scout camp.
  • Arrange for charter review and recharter annually.
  • Plan the charter presentation program.


Adult leaders must possess the moral, educational, and emotional qualities that the Boy Scouts of America deems necessary for positive leadership to youth. They must also:

The adult leader application process will not be complete until Youth Protection training has been completed and a criminal background check has been obtained.

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