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Venturers who earned First Class when registered in Scouts BSA are qualified until their 18th birthday to continue with Scouts BSA advancement. If desired, they may maintain multiple (dual) registration in a troop and crew, and work on ranks in either unit.

Wherever the youth member is registered, the Scoutmaster and crew Advisor decide, with the youth, who will oversee the Scouts BSA advancement. If the Advisor does so but is unfamiliar with Scouts BSA, the district advancement committee should identify an experienced Scouter to assist. It is important for Venturing leaders to understand that Scouts BSA advancement procedures must be followed.

With the exception of the Eagle rank and Summit Award service projects, any work done while a Venturer can count toward both Scouts BSA and Venturing advancement at the same time. The Eagle rank and Summit Award service projects must be separate and distinct from each other. Position of responsibility requirements for Scouts BSA ranks may be met by the Venturer serving in crew positions as outlined in the Scouts BSA Requirements book.

If the crew Advisor is overseeing the Scout's advancement, then the crew committee conducts Star and Life boards of review. Otherwise the troop committee conducts those boards of review. Eagle Scout boards follow the local council’s established procedure.

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