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This is the documentation page for Template:Shortcut/doc.
When viewed directly, links using variables may appear broken; do not replace these with hard-coded page names or URLs.

This documentation is transcluded from Template:Shortcut/doc/doc.
This template may have a sandbox (edit) and testcases for editors to experiment.

{{Shortcut}} is used to display a short alias for the given page. Shortcuts should be created and used sparingly, lest they loose their standing. The point of this template is not to list all redirects. (See Special:Whatlinkshere and Special:Listredirects.) Instead, shortcuts should only display one (no more than two) very short, common and easily-remembered aliases, which (internally) makes use of redirects. Note: {{Shortcut}} does not create the shortcut itself; it only displays the shortcut in a standardized format on the destination page. The variable parameter is the alias link to the desired destination page.






The variable in this use of this template is the alias link you want displayed... e.g., [[Foo]]. Remember, this variable is a reference to an internal link, so... don't forget to place the internal link brackets ( [[ and ]] ) around the the text in order to create the link.


In the Main (a.k.a., Article) namespace:

Frequently-accessed article pages...
Or, shortening long page titles...

In other namespaces, specifically... Category, Help and MeritBadgeDotOrg (a.k.a., Project):

Unless approved an Administrator, shortcuts should not be created/used in User or Talk namespaces.


1. Using shortcuts (in the search box) is not case-sensitive, but creating them is...
....so, give this due consideration when creating the shortcut.
2. Do not use {{Shortcut}} on other templates, e.g. the shortcut to Template:Foo is, in fact, {{Foo}}. By default, every template uses its own name as a shortcut.

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