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Temporary insignia are issued for such events as summer camp, camporees, and Scouting shows. Order of the Arrow regional and national meetings and training activities may also provide such insignia (the Totin' Chip patch is also temporary insignia).

Only one such patch may be worn at a time. The patch is worn centered on the right pocket and must neither exceed the dimension of the seams of the pocket nor extend higher than the lowest tip of the pocket flap. It may be either sewn or suspended from under the flap attached to the button.

Temporary insignia are not required for correct uniforming. Consider displaying temporary insignia in ways other than on the uniform. Here are some suggestions:

  • Wear it on a BSA red patch vest or blanket.
  • Display it on a wall plaque, on a trophy hide, or mounted in a frame.
  • Make a special neckerchief slide, sectional totem pole, or flagpole insignia for display.
Guide to Awards and Insignia (Section 1: Special Regulations)

Official BSA awards and recognitions that are worn as temporary insignia:

Cub Scouting:

Special Note: the Whittling Chip is NOT for uniform wear.

Scouts BSA:

Special Note: For Scouts, temporary patches (no badges of rank) may be worn on the back of the merit badge sash.

Venturing/Sea Scouting:

All Programs:

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