Torch of Gold Award

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Torch of Gold Award

Torch of Gold Award
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The Torch of Gold Award is a council-level distinguished award of the Boy Scouts of America to recognize adults for exceptional service and leadership in working with Scouts who have disabilities.


  • Each council may recognize one Scouter per year with the Torch of Gold Award.
  • The completed nomination form (No. 512-945) Adobe Acrobat PDF must be submitted to the council Special Needs or Disabilities Awareness committee or its designee, according to council procedures and deadline.
  • The nominee shall:
  1. Be currently registered with the Boy Scouts of America.
  2. Have at least three or more years of service in any Scouting leadership capacity related to Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers[1] with disabilities, including educating other Scouters about disabilities and working with youth who have disabilities.
  3. Have completed all activities related to Scouts with disabilities on a strictly volunteer basis.
  • This award shall be given only once to an individual, and is not dependent on, or to be influenced by, other awards.
  • Presentation should be made at the council annual recognition dinner, district recognition dinner, or other appropriate Scouting event.
  • The Scout executive must approve the recipient.


  1. In February 2016, BSA split Sea Scouting out of the Venturing program and established it as a full-fledged program of the BSA. The requirements for the Torch of Gold Award were written before that occurred. Presumably service in any leadership capacity related to Sea Scouts would also qualify, but, as of 20 November 2018, the award nomination form does not reflect that presumption.

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