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First Class to Star

A Scout obtains 1st Class Rank, and also has all the M.B.'s required for STAR RANK. Can he receive both at the same time? Please advise. And where do I find the answer? Thank you, —Preceding unsigned comment added by BIGGJOE (talkcontribs) August 8, 2010. (Please, sign and date your posts on talk pages.)

BIGGJOE, Welcome to our wiki. We get questions such as yours here, from time to time.
However, please understand (and take no offense, but) this is a "wiki", not a social media network (i.e., Facebook, MySpace, etc.). My point is... this is really not the place to be asking advancement questions. The best places to ask is advancement questions are:
1. Look it up in your Boy Scout Handbook, or the Boy Scout Requirements book.
2. If you can't find the answer there, ask your Scoutmaster.
3. If you want to look for answers online, the best place to go is (our forums, a.k.a., message board). The purpose of these forums is to help answer your questions. (Note: When you register there, just make sure you use the same username and e-mail address that you used to registered here.)
4. Also, while not affilalited with the MeritBadge Networks (MeritBadge.Net/Org), I highly recommend USScouts.Org. Of course, you can also try Scouting.Org (BSA's official website).
Please familiarize yourself with our site by reading our Policies and Help pages (especially, Help:Editing, Help:Signatures and Help:Talk pages). And, use the "search" feature (located in the navigation pane).
Now, with all that being said, I'm going to try to answer your questions... "A Scout is Helpful."...
While you can work on the requirements for Tenderfoot through First Class simultaneously, all ranks must be "earned" in sequence. In other words, you cannot have a board of review for the purpose of advancing to the next rank until you have, first, successfully completed a board or review for the previous rank.
Star rank requirements
1. "Be active in your troop and patrol for at least 4 months as a First Class Scout."
— This means that you must be a First Class Scout for four months, since the date of your Board of Review for First Class.
4. "While a First Class Scout, take part in service projects totaling at least 6 hours of work. These projects must be approved by your Scoutmaster."
— This must be done while you are a First Class Scout.
5. "While a First Class Scout, serve actively for four months in one or more of the following positions of responsibility (or carry out a Scoutmaster-assigned leadership project to help the troop): (See Star rank for the list.)"
— This must also be done while you are a First Class Scout.
Note: The date of award for Tenderfoot through Life ranks is the date of the successful Board of Review, not the date you were presented the rank. I.e., troop meeting, or Court of Honor.
Hopefully, this answers your questions? If not, please join MeritBadge.Net and start a thread there... you'll get all the help you need, I assure you. Good fortune in your trail to Eagle.RWSmith (Bureaucrat), 16:12, August 8, 2010 (EDT)
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