Varsity Coach Leader Specific Training

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Varsity Coach Leader Specific Training
Varsity Coach Leader Specific Training

Varsity Coach Leader Specific Training is the Leader Specific Training for Varsity Scout adult Team Coaches and Assistant Team Coaches. It is taken after a new leader has completed Varsity Leader Fast Start and This Is Scouting (formerly New Leader Essentials).


Intended audience

The course address the needs of adults who have recently accepted the responsibility of delivering the Scouting program to youth by serving as Varsity Coaches and assistant Varsity Coaches. This is a New Leader Training course is required for those desiring to be a trained leader.

Premise and principles

The training explores the eight methods of Scouting, and is presented according to the following premise and principles:

  1. The Varsity Scouting adult leaders are role models for living the Scout Oath and Law for the young men.
  2. Adult leaders direct, coach, support and empower the young men in the team.
  3. The Varsity Scouting program comes to life when young men are given responsibility for managing the team.
  4. The youth leaders Captain, Squad Leaders, and Program Managers are a "valuable tool" in planning and conducting the team's outdoor program.
  5. Advancement is not an end in its self, but an outgrowth of the seven other methods of Scouting.
  6. Advancement will be a natural result of an exciting and fun outdoor program.
  7. The outdoor program is the main attraction for young men joining Varsity Scouts.
  8. Successful outdoor programs go beyond "tailgate camping."
  9. Successful programs additionally employ service to others, conservation, singing, and reflection sessions following team events.
  10. The Varsity team is encouraged to maintain ties with the troop within the chartered organization.

Course objectives

Participants completing training should:

  • Have the confidence that being a Varsity Coach is a manageable challenge.
  • Understand that they have abundant available resources.
  • Know that the structure of the Boy Scouts of America ensures that they are part of a supportive team working to deliver the promise of Scouting to the youth of America.
  • Have a short action plan to apply what they have learned during the three sessions of Varsity Coach Leader Specific Training. (Encouraging participants to commit to an action plan helps to reinforce learning at the time of presentation. There is no formal follow-up by the instructors after the course.)

Training structure and key points

The course is made up of three session taught on separate days lasting 2 to 2-1/2 hours each, or as a single-day training presenting all three sessions. The course composed of an instructor and six to eight participants (who form a squad), and are taught in a classroom setting. Instruction includes lecture, team activities and role playing.

The key points of instruction are as follows:

Session One

Setting Out: The Role of the Varsity Coach

  1. Course Overview
  2. The Role of the Varsity Coach
  3. Team Organization
  4. Team Meetings
  5. Working With Young Men
  6. Team Leaders' Meetings

Session Two

Mountaintop Challenges: The Outdoor/Sports Program and the Advancement Program

  1. The Sizzle of the Outdoor Program
  2. Nuts and Bolts of the Outdoor Program
  3. Outdoor Program Squad/Group Activity
  4. Reflection
  5. Advancement

Session Three

Pathways to Success: Program Planning and Team Administration

  1. Program Planning
  2. Membership
  3. Paperwork
  4. Finances
  5. The Uniform
  6. Other Training Opportunities
  7. Summary and Closing

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