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Farm Records and Bookkeeping merit badge has been discontinued. (See discontinued merit badges.)

Farm Records and Bookkeeping merit badge
Status: Discontinued BSA Advancement ID: n/a
Created: 1928 Origin: new in 1928
Discontinued: 1958 Replaced by: Farm Records


Farm Records and Bookkeeping was first offered in 1928. It was replaced by Farm Records in 1958, which was replaced by Farm and Ranch Management in 1979.

Farm Records and Bookkeeping requirements

  1. Explain fully what kind of recordsand books should be kept for a general purpose and stock farm. Tell which of these are kept on his farm.
  2. Make and submit a poultry and egg production record for one month.
  3. Make out a bill of sale for the the following to Jones Produce Company, Chicago, Illinose.
    160 lbs of Spring Frys at 38 cents
    32 doz eggs at 42 cents
    1 Cockerel for breeding purposes at $5.75
    24 Pullets sold at each $2.50
  4. Make a 7-day milk record for a herd of cows.
  5. Make out a sample of one year's birth record for 3 colts, 27 calves and 15 pigs.
  6. Explain what records are needed in making out an income tax report for his State or Federal Income Tax.

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