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* Scout Shop: [ Firem’n Chit Pocket Certificate, SKU: 634161] —
* Scout Shop: [ Firem’n Chit Pocket Certificate, SKU: 634161] —
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[[Category:Boy Scout special opportunities]]
[[Category: Boy Scout awards]]
[[Category:Boy Scout awards]]

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Firem'n Chit

– Firem'n Chit Certificate (SKU: 634161)

– Firem'n Chit emblem (SKU: 8599)
A temporary patch,
Not to be worn on pocket flap.

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Level:Boy Scouts and qualified
Venturers and Sea Scouts

The Firem'n Chit certification grants a Boy Scout (and qualified Venturers and Sea Scouts) the right to carry fire-lighting devices (matches, lighters, etc.) and build campfires.

Even though the patch is shaped like a pocket flap, wearing it on a pocket flap does not conform to uniform standards. Per the BSA:

Firem’n Chit, cloth, No. 8599; Boy Scout, worn as a temporary patch on right pocket; not to be worn on pocket flap.
Guide to Awards and Insignia (2015), § "Boy Scout Insignia"


Firem'n Chit requirements

The Scout must show their Scout leader, or someone designated by their leader, an understanding of the responsibility to do the following:

  1. I have read and understand use and safety rules from the Scouts BSA Handbook.
  2. I will build a campfire only when necessary and when I have the necessary permits (regulations vary by locality).
  3. I will minimize campfire impacts or use existing fire lays consistent with the principles of Leave No Trace. I will check to see that all flammable material is cleared at least 5 feet in all directions from fire (total 10 feet).
  4. I will safely use and store fire-starting materials.
  5. I will see that fire is attended to at all times.
  6. I will make sure that water and/or a shovel is readily available. I will promptly report any wildfire to the proper authorities.
  7. I will use the cold-out test to make sure the fire is cold out and will make sure the fire lay is cleaned before I leave it.
  8. I follow the Outdoor Code, the Guide to Safe Scouting, and the principles of Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly!

The Scout's "Firem'n Rights" can be taken away if they fail in their responsibility.

The official source for the information shown in this article or section is:
Scouts BSA Requirements, 2019 Edition (BSA Supply SKU #648914)

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Requirement resources

General resources: CampfiresCampfire BuildingCampfire TypesCampfire Safety
1. Boy Scout Handbook
3. Leave No Trace
4. Campfire Starting
8. Outdoor CodeGuide to Safe ScoutingLeave No TraceTread Lightly!

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