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What is a Sysop?

Sysops on this wiki are administrators that help keep the website running efficiently and effectively for the benefit of Scouting.

A user with sysop rights can:

  • edit protected pages/sections (including those in the MeritBadgeDotOrg namespace),
  • patrol the recent changes,
  • move pages,
  • delete and undelete pages,
  • protect and unprotect pages,
  • block and unblock users, and
  • use the rollback feature.

Can I become a Sysop on this wiki?

Yes, absolutely! You can volunteer yourself, or be nominated.

Pre-requisites for Adminship

In order to become a Sysop on this wiki:

  • First, you must be an active, trained, BSA-registered:
a) Scouter, or
b) 18-20 year-old Venturer/Sea Scout.
Trained means...
  • your Youth Protection training certification must be (and must remain) current — no exceptions; and
  • you must be "trained to position"... i.e., you have completed all training necessary for the adult leader (or, Venturing/Sea Scouting officer) position in which you are primarily registered.
  • Second, you must also be a registered member of MeritBadge.Net. (There is a private forum on MeritBadge.Net where sysops can discuss the administrative (i.e., back office) aspects of maintaining this website, to which you would need to subscribe.)

If you meet these pre-requisites, some (very) limited personal information will asked for in order to verify that you meet the above requirements. (Note: This information will only be available to the Bureaucrats.)

Requests for Adminship

If you are interested, or would like to nominate somebody, please e-mail RWSmith.

Who are the Sysops on this wiki?

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