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This project's goal is to create/edit Userbox tamplates for use on Userpages.




If an article is added or edited to the project, please also add it to the relevant categories:

Project Template

Image:Box.png This article is part of MeritBadgeDotOrg:WikiProject Userboxes,
a collaborative effort to better organize information in all Userboxes. If you would like to participate, you can edit the article attached to this page, or visit the project page, where you can join the project and/or contribute to the discussion.
The Template should be used on the Talk Pages of Userbox templates.

User Page Templates

Adult position userboxes

Usage Display
{{User Cubmaster}}
This user is a
{{User Assistant Cubmaster}}
This user is an
Assistant Cubmaster.
{{User Tiger Cub Den Leader}}
This user is a
Tiger Cub Den Leader.
{{User Assistant Tiger Cub Den Leader}}
{{User Den Leader}}
This user is a
Cub Scout Den Leader.
{{User Assistant Den Leader}}
{{User Webelos Den Leader}}
This user is a
Webelos Den Leader.
{{User Assistant Webelos Den Leader}} Template:User Assistant ebelos Den Leader
{{User Pack Committee Chair}}
{{User Pack Committee Member}}
This user is a
Pack Committee Member.
{{User Pack Trainer}}
This user is a
Pack Trainer.

"My son is a..."-style userboxes

Usage Display
{{User MyTigerCub|son}}
My son is a
Tiger Cub Scout.
{{User MyWolf|son}}
My son is a
Wolf Cub Scout.
{{User MyBear|son}}
My son is a
Bear Cub Scout.
{{User MyWebelos|son}}
My son is a
Webelos Scout.
{{User MyBoyScout|son}}
My son is a
Boy Scout.
{{User MyEagleScout|son}}
My son is an
Eagle Scout.
{{User MyVenturer|son}}
My son is a
{{User MyVenturer|daughter}}
My daughter is a
{{User MyVarsity|son}}
My son is a
Varsity Scout.
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