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The Outdoor Ethics Guide Advisor is an adult leader that helps the outdoor ethics guide answer questions on how Scouts actually practice the Outdoor Code.


What an Advisor Needs

The Outdoor Ethics Advisor needs to be prepared to assist the outdoor ethics guide. The following are key to being successful in this role:

Even if the advisor is a naturalist, scientist, biologist, or land manager, he or she will need some outdoor ethics training to get tools needed to be successful with Scouts. BSA recommends starting with the online awareness courses for Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly!; then taking the BSA Leave No Trace 101 course. For a better understanding, advisors can attend the 16-hour weekend Leave No Trace Trainer course. For a more in-depth experience, advisors can attend the five-day Leave No Trace Master Educator course. (See Outdoor Ethics Training)
  • A good understanding of the methods of Scouting
  • A working knowledge of the BSA’s Teaching EDGE method.
  • A good understanding of outdoor ethics guide responsibilities
  • A positive attitude and a strong commitment to the Scout’s success

Functions of the Advisor

The following are the main areas in which an advisor will be guiding and engaging the outdoor ethics guide:

  • Removing barriers and opening doors
  • Planning
  • Execution
—Teachable moments
—Authority of the resource
  • Evaluation

A fuller explanation of these functions is documented in the Outdoor Ethics Guide Handbook (pp. 12-14).

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