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Resources include the Public Speaking merit badge worksheet in PDF format Adobe Acrobat PDF and Word format Microsoft Word DOC document, links, and cross-references to related badges and awards.
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Public Speaking merit badge
Status: Elective
Created: 1932
Discontinued: no
BSA Advancement ID: 090
Requirements revision: 2003
Latest pamphlet revision: 2013


A lot happens during the course of every person's life and your ability to communicate your feelings and ideas is the best way to connect to the larger world. Even if you haven't stood at a podium on the stage and find the whole idea scary, sooner or later, someone is going to ask you to get up and say a few words. If you are prepared, it won't be scary. It can even be fun.

Public Speaking merit badge requirements

  1. Give a three- to five-minute introduction of yourself to an audience such as your troop, class at school, or some other group.
  2. Prepare a three- to five-minute talk on a topic of your choice that incorporates body language and visual aids.
  3. Give an impromptu talk of at least two minutes, either as part of a group discussion or before your counselor. Use a subject selected by your counselor that is interesting to you but that is not known to you in advance and for which you do not have time to prepare.
  4. Select a topic of interest to your audience. Collect and organize information about this topic and prepare an outline. Write an eight- to 10-minute speech, practice it, then deliver it in the conversational way.
  5. Show you know parliamentary procedure by leading a discussion or meeting according to accepted rules of order; or by answering questions on the rules of order.

The official source for the information shown in this is:
Boy Scout Requirements, 2018 Edition (BSA Supply SKU #641568)

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Worksheet A FREE workbook for Public Speaking is available here! (PDF or Word) with the maps, charts, links, diagrams, and checklists you need! Or click here to print just the Public Speaking requirements. has PDF and Word versions of workbooks for Scouts BSA ranks and merit badges, Cub Scouting ranks and adventures, and STEM Nova awards.

  1. The BSA Communications Troop Program Feature offers meeting and activity plans to include Public Speaking as one of your monthly themes.

Requirement resources

1, 2 & 4. Give a three- to five-minute introduction of yourself...

The Citizenship in the Community #8 public presentation...of your community
could be given as a Communication #3 five-minute speech
using the techniques from Photography #4b to produce a picture story
and Art #1 to tell a story
which could be developed into the Digital Technology #6d short presentation.

3. How to give an Impromtu Speech step-by-step instructions.

5. Wikipedia:Robert's Rules of Order - Quick Reference - Introduction - Robert's Rules of Order Quick Reference - Robert's Rules of Order - Some Basics - Robert's Rules Made Simple

Robert's Parliamentary Procedure - Parliamentary procedure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Simplified Parliamentary Procedure - Parliamentary Procedure - Quick Reference
Resources for Master of Ceremonies for a Court of Honor or lead a Patrol Leaders' Council meeting

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  • Public Speaking #1. "Give a three- to five-minute introduction of yourself" is similar to Communication #3 "Write a five-minute speech. Give it at a meeting of a group."
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