Raingutter Regatta

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The Raingutter Regatta is a Cub Scout Derby. Regatta models are miniature sail boats.



The kit includes a pre-shaped balsa wood hull, metal keel, plastic rudder, sail, and wooden dowel mast. You must insert the keel and rudder into the underside of the boat. The mast hole is pre-drilled. It is suggested to sand, seal and paint your boat.

The Race

Races are held in 10' sections of raingutter that are filled to the top with water. Scouts power the boats with air. In some races, Scouts may straws. The first one to the end of the gutter wins.


Official rules are included in the BSA Riangutter Regatta kit.


Scouts should learn to sail the boats with a steady breath. You may wish to design a starting gate to help keep boats in the beginning. Tracks built on stilts or with legs make it easy to set up.

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