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    Correction Requested

    I think the links to the "proper way to do pull-ups" and "proper way to do push-ups" are not correct on the Personal Fitness page as they link to the "proper way to do sit-ups".

    Is this something someone can correct? Thanks Scouter123 22:12, July 31, 2009 (EDT)


    Does anyone know where I can find a physical form? My scoutmaster told me to look on this site, but my search was fruitless. I have to get this badge done soon, but I can't start without that form.--Stranger 14:02, June 20, 2007 (EDT)

    Just added added a couple of external links on the Personal Fitness page for you. --RWSmith 15:20, June 20, 2007 (EDT)


    I was told that I could find a page with a work-out schedule on this Personal Fit. page. Is it true? Does such thing exist? Can someone please help me? --Eaglebound

    Try one of these:
    Also, remember to sign your posts on talk pages by placing four tildes (~~~~) at the end of your post --RWSmith (Sysop), 23:20, September 19, 2007 (EDT)


    Unfortunately, this is my only source for merit badge requirements. My question involves Requirement 1.

    The text states:

       1. Do the following:
           a. Before completing requirements 2 through 9, have your health-care practitioner give you a
       physical examination, using the Scout medical examination form. Describe the examination. Tell what 
       questions the doctor asked about your health. Tell what health or medical recommendations the     
       doctor made and report what you have done in response to the recommendations. Explain the   
               1. Why physical exams are important 
               2. Why preventative habits are important in maintaining good health. 
               3. Diseases that can be prevented and how. 
               4. The seven warning signs of cancer. 
               5. The youth risk factors that affect cardiovascular fitness in adulthood. 
           b. Have a dental examination. Get a statement saying that your teeth have been checked and 
       cared for. Tell how to care for your teeth. 

    Is the statement "Before completing requirements 2 through 9" blanketing the entire requirement or just the first half?

    Thanks, Stranger 15:07, May 17, 2008 (EDT)

    It means exactly what it says. Complete requirement 1a before completing requirements 2-9. — Milominderbinder2 (Sysop) 20:05, May 18, 2008 (EDT)

    External Links Edit

    I removed external link: 2.a. Mind, Body, Spirit

    This was a link to a spiritualist-medium page and is inappropriate for this web site and irrelevant for the topic.

    Crumbaughs 01:08, January 5, 2010 (EST)

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