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This is not the place to add a protected edit request. This is documentation for using the edit request notification template itself. Please go back to the page you just came from and discuss there instead of here.

This template adds a page to Category:Protected edit requests. It is a self-reference and, so is part of the MeritBadgeDotOrg project rather than encyclopedic content.


Place {{editprotected}} on the talk page of the corresponding protected page. It should be accompanied by a clear and specific description of the requested change. Providing the new sentences or code in your request, if possible, will expedite the process.

You can also place {{editprotected}} on the talk page of the main page, current events page, or any other administratively protected pages, to report any errors you have noticed.

Administrators may decline to make any edit, and are especially likely to reject edits that are controversial, violate MeritBadgeDotOrg policies, or do not have evidence of consensus.

The talk page on which an editprotected template request is placed is automatically categorized into Category:Protected edit requests. Administrators will periodically check this category for protected edit requests to process.

Recommended action upon resolution

Once a request is handled, it's best to leave the {{editprotected}} tag as an un-transcluded tag by changing it to, for example, {{tl|editprotected}}. This removes the message box from the talk page and removes the talk page from the category, while still leaving a record of the request.

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